By B.K.
Date: 2004 Dec 15
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Falling off the Fathometer

Baby put on
Some Black Swan Overture
I want Bolero backbeats
Put on my heartstrings  
Play me
Till the chorus and symphony
Crescendo Lover Baby it's You
I've always known why
It's just atmospheric conditions
Inside my head go one way
While the world takes you another
I was always the one that sat on the beach
Taken along for the ride
Only now I'm mid-wave
With blue curl shooting over me
Higher than any point
Of reference ever known to me
This texture of life
In passion and dreams
This agonizing I miss you
Of Hubble bubble
Heart murmers and
Diamond prisomed
Multi colored explosions
Sunshine moonshine
Wine-shine rain-shine
This mornings tear-shine
Darlin this old world is mean
The ocean is full of sharks
And most roses have thorns
Sometimes I think the cosmos
Is just one diabolical plot
Life moves too fast
For those of us that
Want to stick our head in the
Deep-ocean dream
But if I take off these rose colored
Glasses and point
Another Sherlock always comes to call
But Baby since there was you
I'm a gambler
It's going to be my way
Or the cosmos will have to fall
Off the Richter scale of loves dream
And right now it's fathomless
Of how that could be