By B.K.
Date: 2005 Jan 09
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Why Not

As morning shadows dance
Riding bareback up my spine
I fold back the mind web
And ask today
May we have blue sky
Bring some sunshine
To give this pale face a kiss
Those ole shadows winked at me
Tested and teased me    
Then zapped me
With a few shots of rising sun blues
They say hope springs eternal
(And I say why not)
Spin that big roulette wheel
Up in the dark cold sky
I'll take hot passionate red
You can watch your black
They gave me thier darkest evil mug                      
But I spun and won that desirable slot
I beat out big time
Dark shadows grizzly winter plot
And for today anyway
I've got a sweet sexy grin
So Baby come on over later
Let me slip you some sunlit skin