By B.K.
Date: 2005 Oct 01
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Early Autumn Stew

How lovely this day
Windows ride low
With a big heyyy
Crisped air
Classical flipped
With classic rock
It's a gravy afternoon
Dipped in an early quit work call
Give the kiss of death
To the hurricane blues
And political drudge
End the War NOW
Feed the hurricane poor
Fuck Halliburton FEMA
And Brownies with no nuts
I want wild wanton lust
(I want you)
Did you read my mind
Was it that look on my face
Or just the vibration
Moving through space
To spend an afternoon
In a mixed Autumn stew
Let temperatures rise and fall
Stirring cosmic orgasmic magic
Our secret sauce cooking school
Baby there is no seasoning without you

(c) bk...2005