By B.K.
Date: 2005 Dec 13
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Wrestling the Grizzly

I have twisted and turned
Shimmy and squirmed
Through every round
Alice in Wonderland hole
Tried hard to decipher the code
More than once
Out of place bent my nose
But I have to admit
I have not walked a mile in your soles
This is no excuse
And I wonder if it were me
What would you do
I tried holding my breath
I turned blue
The Amazon woman in me asks
Shall I play misty for you
Darlin one
What else can I do
I've let the lamb of me
Lie down with the lion of you
It's a heated lamb stew
All the gods in heaven
Know how much I love you
I've howled to all of their tunes
Baby there are no other blue sky hues
Not just any big hairy brain will do
I have no choice
But to wrestle the Grizzly
No choice but to love you
And I most certainly do
(You know I do)