By B.K.
Date: 2005 Dec 21
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Standing Still Sun

On this day of least sunlight
This longest of nights
(Tonight just you and me Baby wink wink
Paul Winters 25th Winter Consort)
This day of chanting
Celebrations prayers and candlelight
Dear gods in the heavens
Bring back the warmth
The growth and fertility
Keep us safe
Forgive us for an inept leaders
Utter ecological stupidity
Make the world safer
For us all please
Oh great Sun God
In you we do believe
Bless us all
And pass the Peace
It's a winters feast
(sorry we're a few days off)
I know one day you will make
Us all dance to your fire tune
(You do that a lot in June)
They will then bow
And realize it was you
Who brought us the coolest of Yules


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