By B.K.
Date: 2006 Feb 07
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A God and Goddess Stew

When the gods created love
They were clever they knew
To put it in your smile
And I love how they put that twinkle
In your how do you do
You know that drives me wild
Then there is that passion card they drew
When the world was all brand new
Those gods and goddesses were bold
They propped it up true-blue
When they drew it up for me and you
For the longest time they left me without a clue
Till one winters day they cut that card into
Giving me the left side (cause I'm a lefty)
And then they whispered in my ear
They said the right side of love
And the matching happiness due
I swear they were the ones who told me this Darlin
That matching right piece of love and passion
Was held by none other than you
Now if this sounds like I'm in a mushy mood
Well it's cold outside (wink wink)
What else this warm and wonderful is there to do..(kiss kiss)