By B.K.
Date: 2006 Mar 30
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Mating Day At The Zoo

In an over the hump purple haze
I needed some sun Ra rays
So strolling outside to warm my hyde
Spring had fertilized
Showing it's everloving blooming side
But to my surprise
I could not believe
What my ears digitally analyzed
Like no bird I had ever heard
I stood so still
Said not a word
While it screeched with glee
Rearranging my sensitivity
Who Who hahahahahaha
Then in a flash I remembered
We are at the edge of the zoo
And it's springtime there too
They were whooping it up
If I could have recorded it
I'd play it along with this cut
Of words I'm writing for you
Darlin it was mating day at the zoo
And I don't know why but that
Big Gibbons screaming rocking and reeling
Beating his chest squealing
It gave me chills it was so real
I suddenly knew
He was demanding his mate come play
Baby forgive me
But in the sweetest of all sincerity
It surely reminded me of you

I Love You Darlin!