By B.K.
Date: 2006 Jun 04
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Earth Tone Blues

Another Sensitive Sunday

Reaching out to touch the clouds
Skipping grey to blue
Grabbing hold of a lightning bolt
To send its charge to you
Picking four leaf clovers
Pulling weeds out too
It's another sensitive Sunday
And it's raining again too
I put the clematis back on its trellis
Made a veggie pasta salad
And tried hard not to look for clues
My Darlin this love is certain
To hold its chin up before it's blurting
About how much it's missing you
It's just a matter of choosing
This cup of love that keeps renewing
Always wanting to kiss and love anew
It's a tale to tell this story
Gotta have lots of guts and glory
Cause passion keeps taking love bites
Right outta these gravity loving earthtone blues