By B.K.
Date: 2006 Jun 20
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Newtons Tennessee Cousin

The Alchemy of Love

You and I are Venus and Mars
Caught up in Newton's alchemic net
The apple may have already fallen
But it's not 2060 yet

Baby we defy passions gravity
I'm sure we defy a lot of scientific bets
So far there are no solutions made
That can describe this love potion met

This love defies all logic
These spectrums of pure love light are the best
His apple may have hit the bulls eye
But it's not apple cider yet

Sir Issac would have giggled with glee
At you and his kissing cousin from TN
Taking bites of his apple
And messing with this pure love alchemy

But Darlin we can shoot off our cannons
In rapid planetary fire success
The apple hits may jar our noggins
But this is our own law of love...and it's not 2060 yet