By B.K.
Date: 2006 Jul 10
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Midnight Synergy

Purple Haze Phase

Lying on my back
In the middle set go of abb rolls
Is this a wise call
On a big purple exercise ball
Full moon rising
Goodness me
Should have watched the video
That came free with it all
Trying to figure out how to get off
Without breaking my knees
(amongst other neck like things)
I need a smart attack please
Forty eight forty nine fifty
What the heck
Roll with me Baby
Now I see
Just roll it back to the degree
That you are sitting up
I'm not going to let this world out distance me
Gotta get ready
Have enough energy to meet
The synergy of this full moon night
Cause My Darlin is coming
To take my breath top flight
And I need passion enough to last
Well into Tantric after midnight