By B.K.
Date: 2006 Aug 14
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I'll Itch and You Scratch

I'm Ready To Make Nice

You read my mind
To keep you from knowing
All my deepest secrets
I hum hummmmmm
When thoughts become tangled
A verse or two of a Dixie Chicks tune
Cause I know your style
You'll have your banjo ready for the chorus
We'll take a side step into comedy
I'll send some kisses c.o.d.
You can pay with a broad smile infusion
You know what this means don't you
It's a two step snuggle kiss and yodel review
Written just for you
Baby let's shake our tail feathers
Bid this awful mind snaffoo goodbye
Have a great sigh look each other in the eye
Get back to this great art of loving
Kisses You know
I love you My Big Banana Moonpie