By B.K.
Date: 2006 Dec 10
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Here's To Another Year of Tender Tantric Time

Love Is The Reason For The Season

The Corgis have been walked
They’re down for the night
And now My Darlin
It’s time for us to light a fire
Pour some wine
Stroke away each others worries and fears
And leave this worrisome world behind
Let’s have a toast “To Better Times!”
It has been a rough year
But not for love
Each year this love grows deeper
Surpassing the year before
There have even been years I’ve wondered
What we could possibly do for an encore
This love is as fine as bone china
As tough as stainless steel
It’s a smoldering passion
With a perfect ten of dynamite
To rock this world
Through any terrorist or alien attack
This love is my calm and my strength
Baby we are so lucky to have
Weathered it through life’s storms
I wish the whole world an amazing love like ours
And it’s soon to be another anniversary
I’m a little early
But the date and number doesn’t matter
It was this time of year many years back
We celebrate it most every night
And Darlin I just wanted to thank you
For all the magic and your special touch
Then remind you and the world that
(I need my back scratched)
Love is the reason for this season
With kisses so fine
Darlin turn down the lights
And pour us both another year of
Love Me Tender Tantric Time