By B.K.
Date: 2007 Jan 03
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Another Ode To An Almost Full Moon

Puttin On Moon Style

Darlin I need your help
It’s that ole moon
It’s looking at me again
Sending its laser beams
To pinch my cheeks
Tweak me in the strangest places
Baby it’s making funny faces at me
Boping me in the head
Doing its stooges best
To get me to laugh
It’s just this world has gone to blazes
And my sense of humor
Needs your fire and song
The smile of your voice
That makes me want
To dance with every song
Darlin that ole moon is almost full
Time to put on your wear wolf outfit
N come an howl along
Let’s have a kissing contest for two
Sing fly me to the moon with Sinatra for awhile
Then come make mad passionate love to me
While that mellow ole moon
Puts on it’s own beguile