By B.K.
Date: 2007 Jan 14
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Dippity Doo~The Daily Glue

Today was grey
So instead of being blue
I called my mother
That did not help
Think maybe her rash
Crawled thru the phone
Making me itch and scratch
Had to hatch a plan
The oil in the car got changed
The filter too
Not by me
But some wheel n deal pay thru the nose
Then mosey on with a list
The car was vacuumed and washed
Got out all the raw lasagna
Even scrubbed the floor mats
Then came home for a reward
Made some margarita
Talked to the dogs
Watched you roll Boz to his back
Making him beg for more
Watched travel shows till the sights
Made my eyes jealous and sore
I’ve done my best all day
To try and not think of you
But we live on the same wavelength
I have the wave and you have the length
And besides that you give me no time to think
About anything else
We love so hard
Busting life at the seams
The only time we are alone
Is in the corners of our dreams