By B.K.
Date: 2007 Jan 18
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Winter Passion

(An Early Valentine)

I think when I am one hundred
Once a month I shall still have a zit on my chin
My eyebrows will still be invisible blonde
And my ditzy doodle will still amuse you
I’ll sit at the computer with a magnifying glass
Still being too vain for my glasses
Read grandchildren wild crazy lines about this love
And Darlin
When you mosey into the room leaning on your cane
My heart will still go ka-thump thump thump
My pulse will race
But don’t let them call an ambulance 
It’s just my memory stuck on hot
What with all the Tantric poetry
I’ll have written for you by then
Just one of those red hot moments
That lovers know never depart
Remembering that time is a bow
With a quiver full of arrows
And you the marksman of my heart