By B.K.
Date: 2007 Jan 21
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Tantric Interlude

Chantilly Lace Escape

On rainy days when tired bones
Seek refuge from the drab and dreary
The dank dark winter world draining your blood
Leaving you more than weary
Oh my Darlin we found a magic synergy
Baby we could make a fortune with this remedy
You sneak up behind me sticking your tongue in my ear
What you whisper singes my high inner thigh
Swirling me around the room in anticipation
Of a million kisses waiting to land and sigh
I follow the whisper up the stairs
Climbing into down
Then for the rest of the day
In a mind and body crescendo and dance
A slow motion love making Tantric trance
You lovingly sweep
All those nasty cobwebs and clouds away

And this ole world may still be wobbling
But tonight we’re going to prop it up
With more love me tender sashay
More of our own chantilly lace escape