By B.K.
Date: 2007 Feb 01
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Another Cupid Poem

Rabid Cupidity

When love leapt through the window
First it wiped its nose on my sleeve
Then that darn rabid cupid
Got down on one knee
And with one heart tipped quiver
He shot me love silly
That arrow swirled and twirled
Proceeding like the body snatcher
To invade every inch of me
Now that was some time ago
But what with me still reeling
When that cupid sees me
He wise cracks and smirks
Gloating joyously repeating
How drunk on love he keeps me
And I’m telling Ya’ll now
Though this love is invincible
This passion writing it’s own uncondensable
If ever given the chance
To catch that devil cupidity
I’ll first kiss him tenderly
Then I’m going to wipe that fat grin off his face
Religiously proceed to pluck him down
From that cherub chicken wings high place