By B.K.
Date: 2007 Mar 01
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(Darlin Think Of Me)

Teapot Treachery
(Darlin Think of Me)

Close your eyes Darlin
Whisper Baby slowly times three
In a slow transcendental beat
You will feel me there
Adjusting your heart rhythms
My Tantric breath with yours
While this flow of passion
Will wrap and rock you
Then plant you everlastingly
In a garden of loves infinity
And should you ever push the button
And I ever not continue to be
The world will have stopped
But only temporarily
 As I have burned another hole
In my teapots bottom
While upstairs writing these words
And downstairs trying to brew tea

This is for my Darlin
And in memory of
My lovely beloved
Cobalt Blue Chantal teapot
That died
Whilst not being able
To whistle Dixie loud enough
To get me away from my computer

©...bk2007 (beware of the ides of March)