By B.K.
Date: 2007 Jun 25
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Inspired From A Watercolor

Called "Summerset" (by Michael Sloan)

You and I met
Where the split in the road
Came tumbling together
We traveled far
From separate paths
Pushing thru the bramble
Working hard to keep
Love dancing in high cotten
Both knowing what it takes
To make or break
We’re willing to make it happen
Together forever running through
These lovely meadows
Picking the berries
Sipping the nectar
Watching out for snakes
Poison oak and ivy
Just following the fence line
One step at a time
Sitting in the shade
Of this Tantric state
Waiting for love so fine
To mosey along and again
Get us so high
Giggling and happily
Pouring us some more moonshine

Summer 2007 bk