By B.K.
Date: 2007 Jul 10
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Ground Hog Day

I saw the ground hog today
I looked out the window
Just in time to see it
Peeping up at me
From under my car
Guess it wondered why I was home
It was the first time
We had met eye to eye
It’s made it’s home here
Tunneling through my back yard
All the critters know that
Unless a predator comes to prey
They are safe in critter-land
It loves the wild strawberries
The cherries and the tall grass
To scoot around on it’s round fat belly
Must be friends with the skunk
That lives under the shed
I think they get together
And play Texas hold em
On a regular basis
It’s bigger than I thought
I bet its got a mean bite
Maybe that is why
The cats in the neighborhood
Mosey on the other way
I think it just somehow knew
That I was puny today
And wanted to come look up at me
And say “Who Loves You Baby”
A Puny Summers Day...2007bk