By B.K.
Date: 2007 Aug 24
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I Want The Moon!

By B.K.
Date: 23 February 2001

Our stars show possibilities
The traps we fall in and out of
The in between
Revealing paths of light and darkness
They tell you when you are in too deep
When to watch out
Only the heart has no armor
Those looking through blurred eyes
Refuse to listen
When the mind says stop
The body says no
When certain synchronized stars collide
Nothing can stop it but sheer distance
An ocean deep full of sharks.
And even that won't stop the want
The need or the taste
Of being with your true soul mate
It is so instant and lasting
Your heart will ever yearn
Your eyes will ever cry
Your lips will whisper their name until death
Or... Another set of stars collide
To take you further journeying
Through this time and space we call earth
There is more than one soul mate
For everyone out there
The path is narrow and the road long
But keeping your eyes bright and shiny
And never giving up hope
Just when you least expect it
The moon you always wanted
Just might become yours

Updated Summer of The Worst Heat Ever...2007bk


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