By B.K.
Date: 2007 Sep 19
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We are at the top
Of a wet super slide
Swim suits and a mat
You are behind me
I’m sitting between your legs
Your arms around me
Sliding fast in a slow motion dream
Does this excite you... you ask
After white water rafting
The Ocoee this is mild....I say
Damn... you say
Just as we hit the... SPLASH

The scene changes;

I am sitting in a comfy chair
On the floor of a gym
Tossing my flipped up hairdo
There are people behind me
In the bleachers
Some girls I went go school with
Good Lord I'm A Teenager Again!
You walk in
You have on the greatest tie and jacket
Your hair precision cut blonde
Your laughing eyes
I look back at the girls
I can tell... they are jealous green
I wave to them
You say... lets sit here
There isn’t enough room for two
But then.. you open your arms
And absorb me
Then kiss me over and over again
What are we waiting for...I ask
I don’t know... you say
But as long as you are in my arms
We can wait like this forever
I melt into hot sticky super goo
Then just my luck... the 6 o’clock alarm
Slaughters another creamy dream of you