By B.K.
Date: 2007 Oct 01
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It's The Little Things

She get’s this scared little girl look on her face
Then she says Where’s Daddy.
She starts to call him....honey
When she gets no answer
She gets louder
He’s hard of hearing
But when I go to tell him she wants him
He drops everything to go to her
He touches her and she is grounded
Calmed in a way like no other
He puts his arms around her to cradle her
And then they get all mushy
With a lot of baby talk and kisses
Kissy face is no new game with them
They invented the game
Or that’s what they told me
When I was three and asked
Why they kept doing that funny stuff
At times she does not know where she is        
She keeps saying her Mamaw is in bed with her
She says we keep shooing her away
That soon she will come to take her
That we will have to let her go
He lets her ramble
Then hides his face to cry for a moment
The moments are a lot lately
Today I asked how much time we have
He says he does not even want to know
Because when the angels come to get her
He says that is when he also wants to go