By B.K.
Date: 2007 Nov 15
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On The Day You Were Born

Your Momma is the Cola who ate all the carrots
And whole wheat pancakes with no syrup
You will be the Kit-Kat (I’ll call you that)
Named for your Great Grandmother
A pretty and very tough lady
(I’m sure you’ll get a gene or two of that family goo)
That’s the side I’m related to you on
I’m your great Aunt Sissy the eccentric one
That writes poetry and
Likes all the weird stuff from the past
I don’t have a pet name for your Daddy yet
But now that you are here
I guess I’ll have to decorate him with one
Your brother Nick
He’s the whirlinator
(Tried to kill me one time on a dangerous ride at the fair)
He still thinks it’s funny
He calls your Daddy Scotty
He called me today, said he had already held you twice
That means he likes you a lot
Your big brother’s is called the Gator boy
His real name is Brandon
I still have his slingshot hidden away in my china cabinet
He used to ride his bike to my house to play chess
He’s all grown up now
I bet he can teach you how to play chess too
Just knock down his king and say “I Win!”
I set up your horoscope today
And you will definitely want it your way
With that moon sign you’ll be determined to get it too
Sun in Scorpio, Rising sign Aquarius
Your moon in Capricorn
All I will say for now is “Watch Out World”
Here comes Miss Katherine Serenity
Born on a sunny day not a moment too soon

Welcome Little Darlin

With Kisses
From Your Great Aunt Sissy