By B.K.
Date: 2007 Dec 21
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For The Love Of Christmas

He’ll probably say I told the story backwards
I’ll tell it just the same
He was wrapping presents for her
Special and collectable
Vinyl albums and fancy Vegan cookbooks
I don’t know why I said it
These are nice BUT
I hope you bought something she would adore
He sheepishly grinned
Oh Yeah he said
You see Mom I couldn’t wait
I’ve given her the main gifts I had for her
Last Sunday afternoon I blindfolded her
Told her I was taking her to the country
To Bell Buckle to do some Christmas shopping
And to get some treats
When I took off her blindfold
She screamed like a little girl who got her wish
All awhirl in her dream to see
The Grinch On Ice that night
She begged and begged me
To take her to an ice skating show
I kept saying ugh I don’t know so you know what
It was worth every minute to see her happiness
And also she had tried on a coat
That she liked that looked so good on her
But she didn’t want to pay that much
So I went back and got it for her
I couldn’t wait to give it to her
I wanted her to wear it on our trip
Mom I wanted her to be warm
At that point I didn’t know what to say
I was ashamed of myself for a moment
But then I realized how wonderful it was
To be witness to this lovely story
The ways his eyes twinkled
The passion in the way he spoke and
In the way he gave to a patient caring nurse
The young woman he cared so deeply for
I knew he was a young man very much in love
My tears decorate the telling of this tale
I’m a proud mother
Now if I can only get him to write some love poems
And quit calling me at one am for recipes
Such a brat that child of mine

Merry Christmas Sam and E
Hope you are having fun in DC

Love From Mom