By B.K.
Date: 2008 Jan 26
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Summer Romance (Winters Dream)

All you have to do is touch me
There is no deep freeze
The day is a soft breeze
That blushes your cheeks
And weakens your knees
Down on crazy quilts
With cranked ice cream
While romance floats down your spine
Like homemade jelly wine
And the nights
The nights divinely floating
On our own cosmic barge
With peeled grapes and dates
The inspiration fractal
Cotton candy to square jawed thick skin
Oh Darlin lie back drink it in
Simmerings that sizzle
An atmosphere so charged
It fractures into stars
Just remembering bountifully
These times as ours
A belly full of laughs
In an enriched synergy
We made it last
Beat out the rat pack
Living on Mallomars green tea and lovers energy