By B.K.
Date: 2008 Feb 15
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Swapping Socks With A Hippopotamus

Wrestling with love is like trying to pin the wind
Like trying to stop a train with your bare hand
It’s like trying to catch a shadow
Or trying to reel in a shark on a safety pin
It’s like reaching for a musical note on the rise
Or trying to create a lead butterfly
It’s an ink blot to confuse
Yet few will conceptualize
It is a stitch in time that might not mend
If we only knew my friend
What the missing piece to the puzzle intends
You must let love come to you freely
Earn grace slowly and sweetly
Until that light house
Builds its might to light up the night
Then when your heart is spirited away
You’ll have better things to do
And more important things to say
Cause wrestling is for midget minds
Mine grew a little bit bigger today
I'm beginning to think maybe it's like dog training
And this is all I’m going to convey