By B.K.
Date: 2008 Feb 20
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To See or Be Seen

Floating on the Seine

Oh Darlin to see or be seen
Standing on terra firma
While the sun sparked the moon orange
Saturn and Regulus doing a dance around
My nose and toes froze and my mouth could only
Say wow oh wow at the bursting extraordinary
Where was everyone to witness
Just me and the lightning struck maple tree standing tall
Arms outstretched taking in all the wonder
Suddenly I wanted to see the satellite
Shot down a million pieces falling to sea
And I wanted to be in Paris in your arms
Standing next to the Seine in the moonlight
Full moon beaming such scenic charm
Emoting and exploding as the sun kissed the moon orange
Yet the world scene looking back
Heavy sighed but still bright eyed
Just little ole wonder-struck me and the maple tree