By B.K.
Date: 2008 Mar 12
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Fickle Finger Farkle

In wild play the dog beat me
To the wooly bugger
That we toss together
Still it makes me smile
He’s fast
Bait and switch works for him
Only when he wants it too
He’s smart and agile
It’s just this time the finger
Wasn't fast enough
It reverberated right off a canine tooth
Like a Loony Tune cartoon
Character taking the hit
It awful smarted so much
I stuck it in hydrogen peroxide
Don’t ask me why
But it made it feel better
And now puppy dog germs won’t kill me
I think loving you too much will probably kill me
Sooner than Corgi teeth
I’ve got a nice first aid kit for that
But nothing to cover this aching heart
At least Einstein put his ears down
Wagged his tail and tried to kiss and make up
So what have you got to offer?