By B.K.
Date: 2008 Mar 22
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First Rite of Spring

You’d have to be dead
Not to want to shake your thing
The Stones always get me going
In a raw earthy move your body
Universal rhythm not to be denied
More so now than when we were young
Back then we could shake it for hours
And now we’re toast after thirty minutes
But even now you just can’t give it up
Even when it slams you hard
With notions of your own mortality
You wonder if they will be playing
Start Me Up instead of Amazing Grace
At your own funeral and somehow you smile
Knowing that that’s the only way to go
Having people speak of how
They knew you and loved you
Instead of the preacher-man
Giving another heaven slash hell-fire
I think some poetry readings (even some of mine)
With animated pictures and funny stories
Of this long life and love
A lot of laughs through the tears
After all I’ll be looking down
Wanting you all to put on some Beatles
Clapton or Led Zeppelin maybe a little Hendrix
Because you all know that’s what will
Be happening when the spirit moves me  
As for you Darlin
Yours is the here and now spirit that moves me
Makes me realize what cosmic juice we are made of
Oh how we love and how we will dance
From now and throughout eternity
Baby it was meant to be as the love songs say
Just start me up and I’ll never stop
And don’t worry
I’ll still be able to shake it when I’m 99
You’ll still give me that great grin
And shake it right back at me
You’ll be my younger man of 97 and 1/2
Just start me up
And I’ll never stop never stop never stop
You and Mick will never let me