By B.K.
Date: 2008 May 14
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Rain Again With More Love Today

Have you ever awakened at dawn
Feeling light as a feather
Smiling and joyful
No matter the weather
Feelings of love so tight in your chest
That you breathe love
You sneeze love
And know the rest
You breeze through your day
With nary a care
Because love is beside you
It follows you everywhere
It’s there in your shadows
It’s sipping your tea
It’s tweaking your eyebrows effortlessly
You smile and you sigh
You laugh and you cry
You think that without love
You simply might even die
Then suddenly the alarm goes off
And it’s yet another day
You’ve got the same little twinges
That won’t go away
You are older and wiser but that's ok
This love is still beside you
And today will be another
Autumn breeze with a love fest day