By B.K.
Date: 2008 Jul 01
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Beaver Alert

It was early one morn
The sun was peaking round
It was full tilt boogie and so was I
In love with life and love
With a new i-pod
My dearest son gave to me
Said it would change my life
Better than a vase full of flowers
To wile away the hours
Fully packed with tunes
Golden ghosts spun fine
From past lives and times
Driving to work front-line
No hurry just the norm
But this morning a different ping
It was karaoke with Sting
Kicking it with Tom Petty
Melting into Streisand
When suddenly shit hit the fan
I realized with my casual eye
That in my safe little zone
There in the middle of the road
That which was about to be hit and explode
Was the cutest big critter
Brown flat tail and big eyed with a bite
NOooooooooo I cried
I swerved just a little
Not to hit oncoming
And screamed with all my might
Yeowwwww in a high pitch
That would have made Pavarotti proud
A note that poor beaver will never soon forget
And  then after sailing past
Did not hear a moosh thump or squish
My jaw dropped with such a heavy sigh
I looked in the mirrors eye
And there it stood freeze frame frozen
Shocked taking tail stock
It got off that third from the sun road rock
Splash splat back into its sunny stream
Where without a doubt it would build a moat
With poison darts and Indiana Jones
Archaeological fantastical tricks
To keep out the big cars and screaming lady mix
So now every morning without warning
When starting to come close to that creek
Popping out of my rock star i-pod stupor
I mean who wants to be a beaver pooper
It will never be with great abandon
That I drive cross Mill Creek bridge again
Cause I’m on major critter alert
That beaver and I made a matter of pact
That it will try not to become road kill
And I’ll sack my operatic notes
Just long enough to watch out for its cute back