By B.K.
Date: 2008 Sep 15
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In Full View

That Ole Full Moon And You
Puppy Einstein had his first hike
On the lakeside trail today
The air was clear and crisp
Like September remembered from childhood
There was a rippled breeze
Carrying sailboats across a sun and shadow lake
A walk on water an arms length away
We did a two legged four paw stroll
Watching children peddle tricycles
And their elders glide on bicycles
Plastic safety caps for any mishaps
Fishermen casting their wriggling reels and nets
And dog lovers like me playing heel and toe
It’s a steal of an afternoons foot play
Watching shadows meander on towards end of day
Knowing that tonight was the onset
Of that big ole pop up in round full view
It made me smile just thinking about it Darlin
It gave me a moment to sublimely rewind and review
Cause that ole full moon always revs us up
Makes us both bound and determined
Then brings out the famous howling wolf in you