By B.K.
Date: 2008 Sep 23
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Another September Sunday

Is it just me
Or are the birds more vocal
Through the trees
The air is crisper too
In an early September dew          
The bees wave their flags
Through the moonflowers as they close
Mother nature has the power
Reverence of a long throned rose

Switch gears; shower power
Oh the dread of it all
Giving a wild Corgi pup a bath
Has to be as easy as shooting a moose
From a helicopter then dressing it
(At least the moose is dead )
Or so let’s hope

Lunch at Eleven;
Then dressed and off to brunch
At the posh Ellendales munch                      
Sipping mimosas so fine
With grown up children
Post birthday glee
Ah yes tis truly amusing
Motherhood is infused superlatively

Yet one must never forget;
This whole day would come unglued
If prime time were not planned for two
Our  tender moments renewed
Oh what a romantic curtain call
Such a lovely end to a day  
Such an erotic way to start an early fall