By Eric J.
Submitted by Kirk, Blender-Keeper
Date: 2008 Dec 05
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what did you do to herman?

  • What did i do 25/08/2005 10h AM ?
  • What did you do to herman?
  • Where do I hide my conscience?
  • Is this the best I can be?
  • Will I ever be fat?
  • How did I break a rib?
  • Where did you find the holsters?
  • Who did you first sleep with?
  • Who did you have a baby with?
  • Who did you have sex with at VIPP(1st & last name)?
  • Does my wife have a pierced navel?
  • Does your wife have a big butt?
  • Did I ever had sex?
  • Do you love Allan?
  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  • How do baby wood ducks get down?
  • Why are chickens happy?
  • Why was the 4th element introduced?
  • Where did it all began?
  • Is this a dream?
--Eric J. et al., from this Daily WTF Entry ("Worse Than Failure", ahem, an updated-daily blog of discovered IT weirdness.) Eric J. found Thawte's Personal E-mail Certificates service had an odd quirk where if you put in the begining of a "security question" it would fill in the rest with a question some previous user had entered. He then assembled a series of these found questions into a form that I found poetic.