By B.K.
Date: 2009 Feb 10
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Happy Almost Valentine's Day

Dinosaur with Heart Art Print

To Love

 So what can we say
That has not been said
In every millennium
And ever language possible
That you are tricky
Crazy cagey
That you mock us
Pox us prick us through
Yet we worship your holy socks
Hold a day to salute you
Billions are made in the name of you
We never can get enough of you
You inspire us
Conspire against us
Turn our heads rip out our hearts
Make us ache so bad
We never want to be near you again
Until the next time
That you tease and seduce us
Inspire us to write preposterous truths on your behalf
If we could get you in a court of law
Like Darwin’s theory you would win
You would stack the evidence
In flavor of your science
Pick off the jury with cupids arrows
Make hay with the judge
Then walk over and kiss us with the verdict
Ladies and Gentlemen of the courtroom
Above all else you all should know by now
No use trying to deny it
Love Always Wins!