By B.K.
Date: 2009 Feb 19
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You Just Never Know!

A Silhouette of a Rancher Riding a Horse Photographic Print by Dugald Bremner

He’s a Cowboy
Sitting on a horse
Says he’d rather be there
Than anywhere on earth
And he’s seen the world
For just a few moments
I fell in love
With the romance
Of all the Cowboy hoop-la
I had grown up on
(Shane come back!)
He told me that
Thirty head of cattle
Had split the fence
And they were out there on the road
And he had-ta gett-em
Deep sigh (can’t you just hear that
Deep Cowboy drawl saying it)
I told him I hoped it was a slow road
He laughed
I asked him if
He was going to rope them
He said Hell No
He was going to take three horses
And when he showed up
The’s be scared enough
To go right back in the fence
I laughed
You need my Corgi to nip their heels
No, I’ll just drag em back and beat em
I said Ohhh you wouldn’t do that
He really laughed then
We kept talking as he was riding along
He said he thought he was born
In the wrong era
Cause he loved being a Cowboy
That’s all he wanted to do
I told him he was fresh and cute as pie
Before I even realized what I said
Then he asked me if I had
An available sister
I said yes but she would be
Old enough to be his mother
We both laughed never know.. he said
That Texas drawl was awe inspiring
He left me with such a nice glow
And the inspiration for this
It’s fun to talk to real people
Cause like the young man said
Life is part chance and
You just never know