By B.K.
Date: 2009 Mar 28
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For Love of Corgis (A Tribute)

At eighteen
In a Spring copy of Vogue magazine
For the very first time
I saw the greenest tall grass
In it a long lanky Welsh lass
In a flowing gown
Beside her running free
Was the first time I spy
A Welsh Pembroke Corgi
Red and White without a tail
Marked with it’s faire harness
I can still see as if it were before me
If the wish was Zen
Then it must have been to be
My Bozworth Cosmos
And now the wild wooly Einstein
All running freely through my life
Creatures that have given me joy
Laughter torture
Grief in their demise
But oh such incredible highs
Enough fur to make several coats for Eskimos
Oh the stories that can be told
Of these creatures bright and bold
I bet the Queen and I could swap
A funny tale or two
For the love of Corgis
It’s just the tall green grass
The wiggle in their sass
And how brightly they smile
Looking back to you

SpringtimeTributeTo Boz,Coz
 and here's to the Wild Wooly Einstein