By B.K.
Date: 2009 Apr 26
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Love is Not for Sissies

Yellow Bellied Begonia

Love is not a perfect cookie cutter shape
It is a three hundred and sixty degree panoramic plate
It is a babbling brook that speaks every language
And when you are hungry it oft demands
You get up and fix your own baloney sandwich
It’s a sparkling eye in a tear drop falling sky
It’s a pickle barrel over Niagara Falls ride
It is the perfect Elvis Presley swoon
In a tornado chaser movie that picks you up
Then tosses you clean clear over the moon
It’s a Tyson mind punch we all still want to take
In a Robin Hood
quiver of arrows quake
Still we all keep digging for that Love Holy Grail
Even when it sometimes takes us straight into hell
I’m not telling you any new secrets I don’t mean to be pissy
Love is an ever longing mind blowing radical epiphany
And if that’s not enough pluck to make you really think missy
I will tell you straight up... love is just not for sissies