By ski
Submitted by annski808
Date: 2009 Jun 26
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thanks to you

  The futile resentment of anguish and pain
Draws me upon the lurking drape of yesterday
Blindfolded trust, loose gagged hopes
Surrounded by shallow planted swords
The idea of setting myself free lies
Beneath my own freewill and guarantee

I’m facing the sunny world of loneliness
Boldly expressing the aftermath of loving you
Coved in the solitary realm of our memoirs
Out of the blue in the middle of a morning glory
Your skin peeled off like a rotten peach
I used to watch you sleep like a floating log
Your smile used to beam me like a morning sun
What happened that suddenly you burst out
Like a serpentine fire

You have enwrapped me with your blanket of lies
Celebrating the victory of your childhood fantasies
“You fell in love accidentally” that’s what you always mumble
But you never anticipate our fall out
A silly prick of your selfish desires to fulfill your own
Goddamn needs in exchange of my sweet pain and sacrifice
You have the courage to smile so silly
In the midst of my blood shot eyes and weeping for agony

A kiss made in the dark
Inside her car, just right outside your office
Made me realize how crazy you are to risk all that you have
Achieved by far
A hotel booking with just a few steps away from your desk
And right outside your window
Two bodies become one after a tiring day of flirting in the office

A round of applause for a job well done for an ad segregator like her
Have perfectly segregated our foundation of almost six years
Without even bothering the dreams that we have written across the stars
While your hearts are celebrating
My own world of emotions is suffering from losing the person
That I have loved the most
A word of advice from a godforsaken mistress
“be competitive in your own silent way”

A life experience of blurred opacity
Clean, clear, great standing tall
Shining on top of the mountains of garbage
A love like yours rooted from hell with a lifelong warranty
Flaming journey of letting go
Deserted in the midst of the wild

How dare you burn and suffocate me with your
Dry humour of validation
Pondering life till it fades away
A long walk of life for the better
I’m leaving you behind with your so-called
Chosen life and better half made of vampire
After the love has gone
You have taken away my life and heart
Walking like an empty man
Carrying a bag of grudge
Courtesy of your ad segregator

Something happened along the way
But all what we can do now is burn the bridges behind
I know the right from wrong
While you are pathetically blinded with loss of freedom
Happiness is just a smile away
I’ve shed enough tears
Gone through a hell lot of pain and miseries
But I will not give you that much privilege of
Holding me back from being a better person
Coz I can be

Thanks to you…