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Someone unknown (by Alex Samonte) 2020 Feb 09
Strange love (by Alex Samonte) 2020 Feb 09
Shadow at the train station (by annski808) 2018 Feb 01
There you'll never be (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2016 Jan 06
         I finally see the real you
Frozen (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2015 Dec 01
         Blank emotions
Masked face 2 (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2015 Jun 03
         This is not a happy face in an unhappy life
Masked face 1 (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2015 Jun 03
         Love me for who I am and not for who you want me to be, I am not a puppet so don't pull a string on me.
Ring of fire (here I surrender) (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2015 Apr 15
Riddles and rain (by annski808) 2014 Nov 12
Cutting through the chase (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2014 Nov 09
         It's nice to see the world again
Approaching the spring (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2014 Nov 09
         Love...this is for you...
I know i'm ready (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2014 Nov 09
         On the final stage:: Acceptance
Had my one last cry (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2014 Nov 06
         Nothing ever felt so good when you're finally over someone and finally see the color of your world, free from pain and you could actually listen to sad songs without dying. Thank you for setting me free.
Air of anxiety (by Alexzandria Samonte) 2013 Sep 26
In the absence of emotion (by Alex Samonte) 2013 Jul 23
         on the verge of a sinking ship
Long forgotten silence (by Alex Samonte) 2013 Jul 20
Brooding (by Alex Samonte) 2013 Jul 18
Charred (by Alex Samonte) 2013 Jul 18
Of rain and thunder (by Alex Samonte) 2013 May 24
         until when will you always fail me
It's supposed to rain (by Alex Samonte) 2013 May 15
         When you just get used to too much pain
You don't belong here (by Alex Samonte) 2013 Apr 11
Mother's Day (by ann Skrilec) 2012 May 09
         For my mother who suffered all these years and who did a great job for raising us, you deserve a crown for being such a great mom!
Nosotros ya no puede ser (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 May 08
Desire (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 May 05
Glow (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 May 05
Goodbye my angel (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 Apr 28
         Some bad things never last
Here I am (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 Apr 27
Crossroads- a thorny choice (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 Apr 24
Facing the storm and thunder (by Ann Skrilec) 2012 Apr 13
six feet underground (by ann skrilec) 2011 Aug 10
Down the hall (by ann skrilec) 2011 Aug 09
Blank card (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jul 25
Perfect liar (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jul 08
My Queen (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jun 20
blow me down (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jun 20
huling paghinga (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jun 20
My Angel (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jun 19
         for you angel
angel and dark wings (by ann skrilec) 2011 Jun 19
         for you angel
almost six years (by ski) 2009 Jun 26
         sentimental pain
thanks to you (by ski) 2009 Jun 26
         for a cheating partner
my better half 2007 May 20
Untitled 2007 Apr 20
frozen destiny 2007 Feb 23
of raisins and lovers 2007 Feb 15
all i know somehow 2007 Jan 23
let me go 2007 Jan 02
story of a woman 2006 Dec 16
spare me a song 2006 Dec 08
folly of my deeds 2006 Nov 29
heartache 2006 Nov 26
better than adam's apple 2006 Nov 21
Past life immortal 2006 Nov 16
a woman's body 2006 Nov 11
mona lisa smile 2006 Nov 11
building our lives together 2006 Nov 02
awakening 2006 Nov 01
memory and cup 2006 Oct 31
emancipated 2006 Oct 29
you make me wonder... 2006 Oct 26
For thine eternity 2006 Oct 25
time of my life 2006 Oct 23
suppressing the whisper of temptation 2006 Oct 18
that's just the way it is 2006 Oct 16
empty 2006 Oct 15
till i fade away 2006 Oct 15
this will be the last, maybe next lifetime... 2006 Oct 14
insane 2006 Oct 09
total recall 2006 Oct 08
one peaceful day of squall 2006 Oct 04
tired of being a doormat 2006 Sep 26
sleep on it 2006 Sep 18
         i just wish you'll crush these walls between us
beyond sandstorm 2006 Sep 18
         i got lost but you find me
Ask for more 2006 Sep 11
         staring at blank
Ouch! 2006 Sep 11
         flirting doesn't work
Walking in the Avenue 2006 Sep 10
         Aging Together
my coffee and me 2006 Sep 04
         when your partner is cold grab a coffee to keep your self warm
quotations from me... 2006 Aug 23
a love letter for my baby... 2006 Aug 23
paranoia 2006 Aug 23
nothing ever matters 2006 Aug 23
moving on... 2006 Aug 23
trying to leave past behind 2006 Aug 23
a figure in the distance 2006 Aug 23
i'll be your guardian angel 2006 Aug 21

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