By B.K.
Date: 2009 Jul 29
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Never give up on romance
It is the truest grit of life
Oh it can be the peachiest pit
Leave you feeling trounced
Like a zombie at a Vegan picnic
It can wheel you around
In a firestorm of wounded mind
Can be a heart blister quite sore
Might spit you out on a rocky shore
But after you’ve finished being quite profane
And all your wounds start to heal again
Just don’t give up on romance
Cause what you thought was it isn’t... bet
The best is to come....YET
You know Romance is a turntable of life
Playing a song you can’t renounce
So once you know the tune
You just need some new words to sing.. toot soon
That twist and shout spin with zest
That feel like humming bird wings in your chest
It’s that eyelash flutter that moves straight through you
The cherry pie kiss that’s latticed cool
It’s that funny nose you swore
You saw on a monkey at the zoo before
That pickle barrel you fell head first into
That holy mackerel mind set your brain wades through
So don’t give up on romance
Even if it has one wimpy lock of hair
Or one armpit that needs a lot of nair
Even if it sings wayyy off key
Or has a tee pee full of bees
Never give up on romance
Cause it’s a jump fish that flies
Taking a bungee jump for all your sighs
So Please Be Advised....
Like a Zoot suited DJ be wise