By Ria
Submitted by FalconRia
Date: 2009 Sep 13
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Thank You for your nais words

It is just like you have seen my dream last night...
(Your: We make our own endings).
I saw a nightmare about Carola. A loong one. We did
a lot of things. And much happened. But then she
said to me (with a disparaging voice): "I think
you should go home now." - And it was only 10 p.m.
(often we had played bridge and discussed til 3
in the morning!).

When I woke up I thought, that I am an impossible person.
Because these "friends" don't want to see me again
(Carola, Kristina, Leena).

Then I read, what You have written...

You said, that I am the smartest person You have
ever come across. - Oh! That one went straight
to my mind!

But the one, that touched my Heart, is when You
said, that I have the biggest heart You have
ever seen. That I am far from selfish.

I am impatient. I am not the world's most
diplomatic person (I am working hard on that one:-).

But I DO Care about people!
Many a time about strangers. It comes spontaneously
(what a difficult word:-), that I say or do something
nais to a person, that I don't know. - I smile to
a black man in the tram. He smiles back, and waves
his hand to me. I wave back, and say: "Ihana ilma
tänään!" - I say to an old lady: "What a wonderful
dress you have. So beautiful colours!" She is astonished,
and very glad of my remark :-). - I say to two boys
9 o'clock in the morning (who sit by a doorstep, and
drink wine from the bottle): "You have had a hard night.
Or isn't it yet finished. But you seem to have had fun :-)"
One of the boys look at me really amazed (an old lady
doesn't disapprove of their drinking:-). He says: "In
fact. I have slept for two hours!" And we talk a little
while about warm summer nights, and having fun. - Often
I talk with ca. 70 years old Barbara (I now remember
her name, because I asked it for the umptenth time,
and said: "Oh. Barbara Straisand!). She has a sweet
dachshund with the name Tossa. Tossa is always very
glad to meet me. And Barbara too. Leena has many years
said nasty words about Barbara. That she is rich, that
she always comes to her shop to have some cashew nuts
for her dog. And so on. Barbara is Not rich! And she
comes to Leenas shop because she is Lonely!

Hmm... I could go on with these examples of mine,
about how I treat other people. But it starts to
sound like self-praisal...
I Still Am: Impatient, non-diplomatic. And I rather
easily loose my temper (but it goes over in 5-15 min.).
I take many things too seriously (as You said:-).
I Think tooo much ("Oh! If I had a button in my head
to turn them off sometimes!").
And... Well... I Still Am very talkative (also when
I write:-). SO. - I stop here...