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Spring... (by Ria) 2010 Dec 23
         Well, the days are getting longer
You said You will always be... (by Ria) 2010 Dec 11
Everybody is going to hurt you... (by Ria) 2010 Dec 11
Romantic? - Me?? (by Ria) 2010 Nov 27
Goodnight Dream (by Ria) 2010 Nov 14
Lambada (by Ria) 2010 Sep 03
         Summer Heat...
Vivo Per Lei (by ??) 2010 Sep 03
         A Song with Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia...
Oh, You! (by Ria) 2010 Sep 03
Summernight Magic (by Ria) 2010 Jul 07
You wrote... (by Ria) 2010 Jul 03
SUMMER... (by FalconRia) 2010 Jun 19
         A time to Live - and - to Remember...
Nightingail 5.6.1997 (by Ria) 2010 May 20
         YOU re-mem-ber...
The Nightingale (by Ria) 2010 May 16
         Summer Magic
A Cry out to You (by Ria) 2010 Apr 13
Sailing and Flying (by Ria) 2010 Mar 31
         Thinking and Remembering...
The Grandmothers will stay! (by FalconRia) 2010 Mar 31
         A few people CAN change things!
Grandmothers... (by FalconRia) 2010 Mar 19
The Spring is coming.. (by FalconRia) 2010 Feb 25
         Lots of random thoughts
My Love... (by Ria) 2010 Jan 17
         Love for all...
In June 1997... (by Ria) 2009 Dec 24
B.K. (by Ria) 2009 Dec 12
You... (by Ria) 2009 Dec 12
         Your email to Me...
Vivo Per Lei... (by Ria) 2009 Nov 28
         Thoughts because of Andrea Bocelli.
5 minutes and A Day of H A P P I N E S S (by FalconRia) 2009 Nov 28
         Answer to: H A P P I N E S S...
In His eyes I'm forever young... (by Ria) 2009 Nov 09
         Inspired by Lotus...
Being Happy. Being Hurt. Being Sad. (by Ria) 2009 Nov 02
         Thoughts and feelings in the early morning...
Tell Me. (by Ria) 2009 Oct 27
         I Don't understand...
LoungeBar (by Ria) 2009 Oct 24
         My writing there: Him...
Mistakes (by Ria) 2009 Oct 21
Wolfhours (by Ria) 2009 Oct 19
         "Howling" in the night...
I Will Stay (by Ria) 2009 Oct 16
         It just is SO!
I DON'T PLAY GAMES! (by Ria) 2009 Oct 06
         YOU are a gambler!
Oh, You! (by Ria) 2009 Oct 04
         Crying and smiling...
Healing the World (by Ria) 2009 Oct 01
         Let's do it!
We make our own Moments (by Ria) 2009 Sep 25
Sorry! (by Ria) 2009 Sep 16
         An hour afterwards,,,
My computer is human...? (by Ria) 2009 Sep 16
Thank You for your nais words (by Ria) 2009 Sep 13
To all those people... (by Ria) 2009 Sep 10
         What I feel NOW
Jag är Arg! (by Ria) 2009 Sep 10
What will/shall I do? (by FalconRia) 2009 Sep 03
I Am A Paradox (by Ria) 2009 Aug 28
My Guardian Angel (by Ria) 2009 Aug 19
         There ARE Angels - Both mystique and human...
I have already forgiven (by Ria) 2009 Aug 15
         The title says it (again:-).
Sailing... (by Ria) 2009 Aug 14
         Just as the title says.....
YOU are Real to Me! (by Ria) 2009 Aug 04
Still... (by Ria) 2009 Aug 01
         After 12 years I feel the same . YOU feel the same. What has happened in our lives keeps us apart... But maybe, when we are OLD....
Memories (by Ris) 2009 Jun 25
         Well... Memories come even 10 years after....

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