By B.K.
Date: 2009 Dec 19
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Life's Paddle-Boat; Love


Life's Paddle-Boat


 Is a life force
Oxygen for that hole in your soul
The stuffing in most of us
A ruffled tango enchanted
Twisted rubik’s cube iffy and tricky
Without the combination to that safe
We shrivel up rumple up crumple up
Love is a kick stand on the bicycle of life
The fun house mirror of delight
 Love is the edge of the razor
That leads you off the ledge
A grand slam that fills your news page
To carry you back to that one face
Oh that greatest debate that chess checkmate
We bow and scrape to that flower power
Feather in hat bend with a Cheshire grin...Ahhh Love   

  You devil you!


Oh Snot!
As you can well see I cut the top off of soon as I get a good shot I'll trade it!