By Randy1
Date: 2009 Dec 20
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I Saw...

Red hot passion,
coursing through my veins.
Burning me up,
cooking my brains.

Red hot passion,
the color I love.
Red hot passion,
we fit like a glove.

Black lace stockings,
walking fast toward me.
No other clothing,
on your body I see.

You push me back,
now we're on track,
to ecstasy.

Red hot passion,
the only kind we know.
Only gets better,
as our love does grow.

Red hot passion,
only shared by two.
Takes away my breath,
baby you're turning me blue.

Rock and roll,
surly takes it's toll,
oh how I love you too.

Red hot passion,
over for tonight.
Come a little closer.
I need to hold you tight.

Red hot passion,
only you and me.
And every morning,
you're the first thing I see.

As I snuggle from behind,
driven out of mind,
it's only you for me.