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Why?... (by Randy1) 2020 Jan 08
         Just out reach...
Pink Nosed Blouse Bunnies (by Randy1) 2015 Jul 18
Can I pet Your a kitty? (by Randy1) 2014 Dec 20
I Saw... (by Randy1) 2009 Dec 20
         Mine all mine.
Heart to Heart. (by Randy Hayes.) 2007 Nov 16
Ghostly Lover. (by Randy Hayes.) 2007 Oct 12
Wind (by Randy1) 2006 Jul 06
         Just a notion of life coming on.
I Explode. (by Wordsmith) 2005 Jun 26
         Sweet Desire.
Wave (by Wordsmith) 2005 Jun 26
Black Lace Panties (by Randy Hayes) 2004 Apr 29
         Hot Stuff
Warm Dark Night. (by Randy Hayes) 2004 Mar 07
Eye see. (by Randy1) 2002 May 04
         Just a little dity.
Thinkin again. (by Randy1) 2002 May 01
Frustrating Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Randy1) 2002 Feb 19
         Can't live with em.......
Whispered (by Randy1) 2002 Jan 18
Fountain of Love (by Me.) 2001 Dec 15
         This one is for BK and any other person wondering how their love in the desert must feel. I hpoe you like it BK.
Kiss Me There (by Randy1) 2001 Dec 09
         This one is as sweet as eating Jelly beans.
Stolen Moments (by Randy1) 2001 Dec 08
         Something to conteplate
A Friend Is... 2001 Dec 02
         What a friend is.
Do You Want To? (by Randy!) 2001 Nov 30
         Do You Feel The Way I Do?
Widows to The Soul (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 28
         Just a little tought provocation.
You Are Here (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 23
         Love is strange
In My Arms (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 22
Night Lake (by Randy 1) 2001 Nov 21
         A beautiful picture
Looks Can Deceive (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 18
         A little metaphor of love and of loss. These things just seem to pop into my feeble old brain. Go figure.
Get Out! (by Randy) 2001 Nov 14
         This one is for those who just can't forget.. It is actually a song I wrote.
Can You? 2001 Nov 10
         There is no need to answer.
A Forever Love (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 09
         The title tells it all.
Short Poem (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 09
         Deep Feelings out o control
Little Stuff (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 09
Reminded of You (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 06
What is love (by Randy1) 2001 Nov 01
         What the -------- is it?
Sixth Sense. (by Randy1) 2001 Oct 29
         Other senses too.
Butterfly kisses (by Randy1) 2001 Oct 24
A Part (by Randy1) 2001 Oct 21
         Questions of wonder.
I want to (by Randy1) 2001 Oct 20
         Etherial explanation
Black lace (by Randy1) 2001 Oct 19
Water fall (by Randy1) 2001 Oct 06

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