By B.K.
Date: 2009 Dec 24
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He's Everywhere!"



Belly Button Frosting

Gingerbread men
Belly buttons to frost
Steamy plum pudding
With sinful hard sauce
Shiny Christmas baubles
Both old and brand new
Sweet hottest kisses
To share with you
Toy train surrounds
The Christmas fir tree
Going round and around
It's you and it's me
In a circle of life
In a passion love swirl
Connected by fusion
In a Cosmic Christmas world


It's Christmas Eve and looks like rain here in Tennessee today. I've a full day planned but wanted to stop and tell you all how much I enjoy this place and all your company. It's a diverse community of all ages and I like the fact that I can enjoy a circle of life here. God Bless you all and remember that love is the true spirit of this lovely season.