By Briana Kassia
Date: 2010 May 09
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I will never feel loved like that again
stretched out on a bed too hot
sunrubbed and swollen
and the only thing in the world is the sound
of your breathing as we slip drift down deeper
drowning into sleep

I will never feel so sodden again
full of the weight of you
the sweet sweat of you stinging my heart
enchanted and bespelled
and so fearfully unafraid

I tried to hold you within and yet without
tried to keep my distance while drowning in
your voice, your hopes, your love
gasping, panicked, flailing in a dream
that seemed more and more
to taste more of dust and salt
than truth and desire

never to look beyond tomorrow gave me nothing
left me with nothing
and the summers stretched before us like an endless horizon
sea and sand and bitter salt
so I gave up hope
that honeyed flower with such poison thorns
I gave you up
I gave up on you

I abandoned us to the distance
to the fear and the pain
sacrificed your heart
to appease some ancient fearful god

and the nights are longer
the world spins slower
the days of hope are over