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Username:Briana Kassia
Member Since:Fri Jun 15 22:15:03 2001
E-mail:antirbard at yahoo dot com
Chat:SWG BM Vent
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Toxic Muse (by Briana Kassia) 2011 Jan 14
         letting go
Disenchanted (by Briana Kassia) 2010 May 09
         I fought the war, but the war won.
Sprung (by Briana Kassia) 2010 Mar 02
         adjusting to the alone again
Riptide (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Jun 10
Matter Horn (by Briana Kassia) 2009 May 24
         for Scott, stream of subconscious
adrift (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 15
         sometimes hope comes hard
Icarus' Affianced (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 14
         ...for Scott
Feast (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 13
         yummm... for Scott, of course
spin cycle (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 13
         a poem only a woman could write. for Scott, till Soon.
the moment when (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 11
         just a taste... for Scott
Rapids (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 10
         another exploration on the theme. For Scott...
Reaching (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 09
         for Scott
Holding On (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 08
         so much pain, so much hurt... all I have is you, Scott
Sakura (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 07
         cherry blossom haiku triad... for Scott
Empty Vessel (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 07
         for Scott, even if he doesn't want to see it.
Enchantment (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 05
         been percolating this one for a few years now... for Scott
better morning (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 04
         finally, not hurting so much... for Scott
healer (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 03
         for Scott
QuickSilver (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 03
         alchemical referents aside, for Scott
Where is April? (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Apr 01
         A Poem A Day Challenge: see message board! this one's for Scott... :)
March (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Mar 29
         for Scott... ahhhh...
Waking (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Mar 29
         for Scott, on an ouchy morning
snow-ku (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Feb 26
         for Scott, as always, and in all ways
for better, for worse (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Feb 24
         The good and the bad, ups and downs: twenty observations of a distant heart. (for Scott, as always)
Candy Heart (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Feb 10
         inspirations are everywhere, a lot just on the discussion board. Laurel Ahlfield said she was hibernating till the candy hearts went away. Blame her. (And Scott, as always).
Night Song (by Briana Kassia) 2009 Jan 27
         for Scott, as always, and in all ways
wee hours (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Dec 26
         early morning, reconnection
no snow (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Dec 08
         stream of something, for Scott
November Dawns (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Nov 04
         waking to silence, wanting time to both hurry and slow..., for Scott
Pumpkin King (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Oct 26
         for Scott, some Halloween whimsy
Dust and Darkness (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Oct 26
         for Scott
October's Moon (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Oct 14
the call (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Oct 10
Stark (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Oct 04
         stormy night, and I tremble... for Scott
Meander (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Sep 08
         words along a path
Sleepless (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Aug 02
         on the spot words meandering, for Scott
For What It's Worth (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jul 25
         apologies sometimes stick in the throat, but flow from the keys
When Dreaming of Waves (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jul 13
         edit of earlier piece
So Far (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jul 12
Summerswing (edit) (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jul 03
         a reread and I found some things that needed something. for Scott, even more so.
Summerswing (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jul 02
         romantic twaddle at it's best?
In Bitterness (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jun 27
         a reply to the recent divorce perspectives posted
Cool Pillow (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jun 26
         the presence of absence; for Scott
When Dreaming (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jun 20
         still raw, for Scott
the third law of something (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jun 17
         I need him magnetically. For Scott .
Don't You Dare (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jun 05
         see what happens when someone brings up the classical romantic hero?
Like Ours (by I'm Just Him) 2008 Jun 05
         An edit and bump of homage to I'm Just Him's When they Tell Our Story
When Then (by Briana Kassia) 2008 Jun 03
Aftermath (by Briana Kassia) 2008 May 27
         Awakening to find...
Sculpt 2007 Nov 12
         rough draft concept piece
Affirmation 2007 Oct 08
Fall Promise 2007 Oct 02
         Dreaming of the cabin, of Michigan in the fall... for Scott
good morning 2007 Sep 09
         loving the lazy, weekend morning... for Scott
don't watch 2007 Aug 30
no fire 2007 Aug 19
         entry in the contest
Fatima 2007 Aug 16
         hearts caught in a war zone
Reasoning 2007 Jul 19
         for Scott, as always
Lacrimae (by Briana Kassia) 2007 Apr 29
un moment mal 2007 Apr 17
Early Morning Rambling 2006 Oct 19
         for Scott
Autumn Pillowbook 2006 Oct 05
         A pillow book is a collection of romantic and erotic musings writ down by a geisha and kept tucked under her pillow. There were accordion folded, often very small but long when opened all the way. I had one piece of paper on the bus, and these haiku came to mind... you know how that is, when you *have* to get something written down...
Indian Summer 2006 Sep 28
         just a snapshot of my walk home... for Scott
Quirky Anniversary 2006 Sep 01
         (For the Record)
Wompaskiddy 2006 Aug 25
         I blame Scott
Under Observation 2006 Jun 07
         concept I have been kicking around for a couple of weeks, finally finding expression... needs better title
Falling in Love= Gravity Works (by temmakrik (and assorted others)) 2006 Jun 06
         a taste and a link to an interesting essay and conversation regarding love
Thankful 2006 May 24
         A love letter to my man, early on a May morning
Sacred Place 2006 May 15
Sorcery 2006 Apr 20
         loosely structured work, more conceptual
wordstream 2006 Apr 17
         stream of conscious writing isn't something I do often, but it sometimes has a startling effect
And... 2006 Apr 17
         a revision of an work posted earlier this month... better now. :)
A Love Letter 2006 Apr 12
         trying to find the words to tell him all that he has done for me...
Good Friday III 2006 Apr 09
         last bump to i'm just him's "Heaven Only to Me" also a true story, part three
Good Friday II 2006 Apr 09
         second bump to i'm just him's Heaven-ly piece, alos a true story, part II
Good Friday 2006 Apr 09
         bump to Heaven Only to Me by i'm just him, but also a true story, part one
And... 2006 Apr 06
         still very raw, but potentially not bad...
Sacred Things 2006 Apr 03
         Saturday night, my eyes full, your voice caught in your throat as you tell me again how loved I am...
Collection of the Artist 2006 Mar 24
         Triggered by a foreshortened conversation... he is an artist
Tectonic Response 2006 Mar 23
         you... have that effect on me
Safe at Last 2006 Mar 15
         I can never find the words, but thes come close
Cuppa Joe 2006 Mar 06
Driving 2006 Mar 02
         for Scott
Meraude 2003 Mar 01
         A walk in the woods inspires a last minute challenge response
Songbird 2003 Feb 23
         An ode to my sister, Julie.
Healing 2002 Dec 19
         art as an excercise in healing... a painting in progress
Veritas 2002 Dec 16
         true haiku...
Be Mused 2002 Sep 14
         She doesn't realise she is my Muse
Exchange over Coffee 2002 Sep 13
         A fifty-fiver, very tightly edited from a fanfiction I'm working on...
found 2002 Aug 04
         It's amazing what the right combination of adjectives can produce...
would that I could 2002 Apr 19
         passive flight is still flight
simple praise 2002 Mar 29
         it's raw as yet, but I may hone it... simple rhyming quatrains attempting to express what it is I admire in my beloved
Fire and Ice 2002 Mar 11
         inspired by and loosely based on "words meet" by raven uriel and greydawn, posted here 03/07 by Jakarta. Some of their phrasing caught at me, but I wanted it to say something else...
truth 2002 Mar 10
         Love grown comfortable
What You Deserve (by Briana Kassia) 2001 Jun 15
         Picture a smokey room, a jazz trio: spare drums played with brushes, stand-up bass, and a nasty sax, and then the woman in the long blue dress takes the mic...

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